Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Outing

Jim arrived home safely this morning from his sales trip to Dallas. I went on to church this morning since he flew home during our church time. After church was over, I came home to get Jim and we once again went out to eat with our friends Andy and Devon. We ate at one of our favorite places, El Toro. It is the BEST Mexican Restaurant in Louisville. Our good friends Creed and Whitney introduced us to El Toro a while back, and all of us are now regulars!

After lunch, we drove over to the pottery store where Devon and I painted our pottery last Sunday. We were not sure what to expect when we picked up our bowls, since we are no pottery experts, but I will have to say I am fairly pleased with how my bowl turned out. I plan on using it as a fruit bowl. I actually like it so much we have talked about going back to paint another bowl that we could use for salads or side dishes when we have company over. Below is a picture of us eating and a few pictures of my bowl.

I am still working on getting my classroom just the way I want it, so when it is "perfect" I will post pictures! This week Devon and I (and all other teachers...) are back to our first FULL week of work! Wish us luck!!!


Andy said...

Lots of fun today!


Lee Ann said...

You must get your artistic ability from your mother!

Caleb Creed said...

Ok...we see how it is. We tell you about El Toro and then we don't even get an invite.
~The Fowlers