Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun-Filled Weekend

It is only 5:00pm on Saturday, but this weekend has been quite busy! Jim was able to get his hands on a few Louisville Bats Baseball tickets for Friday night's game. So after a long day of work, we hurried home just in time to head to the game. We were able to stop and eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory. MMMM... I like eating there, I think it is great that you pay one price and EVERYTHING is included. I can never eat all they give me, so it is usually enough for two meals, although since we weren't heading home, I couldn't take it with us. :o( After dinner we went on to the Baseball Field and watched the game. After the game there were fireworks, which Jim and I both love, so it was a great night for us to go!

Here are some pictures...

This morning, Jim woke up bright and early to take Champ to the Vet. We go to a Vet, which we love, but they do not take appointments, so we have to get there literally an hour before they open. They open at Jim was there at 6:00, and was already 4th in line. Champ has a hematoma on his ear so after the doctor checked it out, they scheduled him for surgery Monday morning to have it removed. Poor Boy....

After Jim got home (with doughnuts from Krispy Kreme- YUM-), we decided to go to the Kentucky State Fair. Jim has never been and since it ends tomorrow, today was the day we needed to go! Of course Saturdays are the busiest day of the fair, so it was good we left early. We arrived right at 9:00 when the exihibits opened. We were able to get a prime parking spot, which is always important to me (Jim says I am one of the laziest people he knows). We had a great time looking at all the booths and being able to move though the aisles without bumping into other people! After a while of being inside (where I like it) looking at the exhibits and vendors we moved to the farm animals.

First of all, for those who do not know me, I am a complete City country living for me. I do not think that there is anything wrong with country just isn't my cup of tea! So when we arrived where the animals were gathered, within two seconds I was gagging from the smell. Just about the time I am gagging, Jim said "Oh, I love the smell of cows"....YUCK.... I guess opposites do attract! Jim was having a great time exporing through the animals, as I was trying not to spew my Krispy Kremes everywhere when what-do-ya-know?!? I step is a great big pile of POOP. Not the best thing to happen to a girl who is already having a hard time mustering through the farm animal exhibit....

Anyway, we finally made it through the animals and Jim wanted to play a few games, so after ring toss and guess your age/weight, we won two balls that I can take to my classroom and decided it was about time to go home. The fair was crowding up quickly, and it was only Noon. So Jim and I grabbed a corndog, lemonade, and an Icee and went on home to take a great afternoon nap!!!

Below are pictures from the fair (and my poopy shoe):

(and believe it or not, this was after about 10 minutes of scooting my foot around trying to get the excess disgusting)

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Dave said...

hey guys! i found you from jess's facebook page. it is so fun to see what you're up to! hugs to you both :)

ray and dave