Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Introduction of Blog/ New Home

So we have decided that with our busy lives, our families and friends may be able to keep up with us better if we had a blog. Between Jim traveling around the US with his job and myself trying to successfully teach and finish my Masters degree, we find little time to talk to everyone we would like to. So this is our way of "talking".

I wasn't always a fan of blogs, actually I thought they were a bit goofy...but then some of my friends created blogs and now I am addicted to them. I love the fact that tons of people can keep up with your life without having to verbally communicate with each one of them.

So, as many of you know Jim and I have moved into the new house and are (we think) settled in. Here is a picture of it!

This is it for now, but hopefully this will be updated regularly for our family and friends.


Lee Ann said...

I Love Your Blog!

Renee said...

Your blog is great. So creative and easy on the eye. I really like the pictures you choose as well. Thanks for adding my blog. Love to you both. MOM

Anonymous said...

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