Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Days of Summer

Today I had lunch with my good friend Devon. We went to our favorite place, The Grapevine Pantry. We love to eat here, but it is only open Monday-Friday from 11-2. So, as teachers, we have to soak up every opportunity we have during the summer to eat here because once school starts, that opportunity will be over. We already have plans to eat there on Election Day...since we are off school!

Jim and I are very lucky to have met Devon and her husband Andy. We are in the same Sunday School class, and have grown to be very close. Sunday after church, we went out to lunch to a great pizza place (Puccini's) and then the boys went golfing and the girls painted pottery. Below is a picture of us painting!!!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last day of summer break. I start back to work Friday, and while I will have some time off here and there, I will not have a long break until Christmas. I am sure all you non-teachers feel super sorry for me :o) I have been working hard getting my classroom in order and when it is done, I will post some pictures.

Jim is leaving to go out of town tomorrow until Sunday morning. He has to travel to Dallas for some sales meetings. In the meantime I will be resting up for my first "full" week of work since the first of June.

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ANDY and DEVON said...

I love your new blog!, so glad we're friends!