Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SNICE STORM....(what a snow and ice storm should be called)

I am not going to talk too much today because I think the pictures will tell it all. We have had a winter storm push through Louisville the last couple days and as a result we have had some beautiful, but dangerous weather. Once again, there are over 100,000 customers in the city of Louisville without power just like the "Wind Storm" a few months back.

We have power and are very thankful to be warm in our house watching the snowy scene out of the window!

I worked on Monday, and have been able to stay home since then due to JCPS closing school the remainder of the week.

Below are some pics of the house, us sledding, and of course little Champ in his winter coat!

****OH, and thanks for all the prayers, Jim started his new job Monday!!! Luckily he is working from home, so the snow and ice didn't slow down his new work!****

Jim being such a wonderful husband and clearing our driveway!
Getting ready to go snow tubing with Kayla and our good friends Jacob and Tiffani.
Outside our house!

Our Sweet Champpers!!!

Stay Warm!!! :o)


Lee Ann said...

Champ needs some boots to go with his coat :o)

The Freeman Family said...

I definitely think that you need to copyright "snice". Clever, clever, clever...:0)