Monday, January 19, 2009


With the new year in full swing, and after some events that have been thrown at us, Jim's job loss in particular, I have been trying to connect with God and have a deeper, more meaningful prayer life. I don't mean to say that I didn't have a prayer life before, but I want to be specific about the things and people I am praying for, I want to pray faithfully, and most importantly, I want to pray with the right heart.

For all you "Love Darers" out there, look in the back of the book at Appendix I- page 202-205 for an awesome resource to effective prayer. This is a great resource to begin an intimate prayer life with our Lord. I encourage you to take a look at it! And if you are not doing the Love Dare, I encourage you to do so. The book is from the movie Fireproof (which I think comes out soon on DVD) and it is a great way to become aware of issues or potential issues in your marriage, and how biblically we should approach our spouse and their needs. I have truely learned a lot from the couple of weeks we have been "Taking the Dare" as Pastor Kevin calls it!

Now on to some Prayer Requests...

I have been reading Angie Smith's blog for a couple months now and it is amazing. If you ever have an hour or so, you should hop over to her blog and read her (and her family's) story from the beginning, it is amazing how God uses different struggles in peoples lives as encouragement for others. Anyway, through looking at her blog, I came across Kelly's blog. She too is amazing and has struggled with getting pregnant for some time. The Lord finally blessed her and her husband with a baby, and she was born this past Friday, but unfortunately with some complications. Haper is is critical condition. Take a look at Kelly's blog for the detailed updates, but for now, please say a prayer for baby Harper. Pray specifically for healing for Harper and for peace for the parents.

Also, please keep Jim and his job search in your prayers and a big thanks to all that are already doing so!

Have a great week!

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