Friday, September 19, 2008

Our New Wall Art!!!!

Another day off work, and look what we accomplished!

Devon was was gracious to come over and help me put up the new wall tattoo I bought at Hobby Lobby. After a few lost breaths, we made it through and it looks great!!!! Below are some pictures of the process.

Holding our breath, through the smiles of course!

Halfway done...


Now all we need are some window treatments!!!


The Freeman Family said...

It looks so, so good! I was happy to help! We had fun...minus our "sticky situation"!


Lee Ann said...

It looks great! I might need your and Devon's help cause I want to do one too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, what a perfect way for guests in your home to know where your heart is. I'm so proud of you. Renee

Patty Gray said...

awwww that is really neat! i'm jealous, maybe some for my room? haha.

Lee Ann said...

Time to update your blog!!!