Friday, September 19, 2008

Look What The WIND BLEW In.....

So after a pretty bad windstorm that blew through Louisville this past Sunday, the city has been in a whirl. There were hundreds of thousands of people left without power and many homes and buildings were left with damage, mainly from fallen trees. Jim and I were very lucky to have power the WHOLE time. We didn't loose our power once, we are very thankful and realize how fortunate we are because there are still people without power.

Because of the windstorm, there were many schools that lost power or had damage to their structure. Because of this, JCPS cancelled school all week, so therefore I have had an unofficial fall break this week.

I have had a great time picking where to eat lunch each day with my mom and my great friend Devon! Check out her blog to see the picture of us at lunch yesterday!

Wednesday night Jim and I, along with my mom and Kenny were able to go to the Louisville football game. We had a great time! Luckily the stadium had their power restored, because the game was at 8:00pm.

It was a double treat because not only did the CARDS win, but the great Muhamad Ali was there for a visit!

(PS I did get my nachos with extra peppers!)

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