Wednesday, July 10, 2013

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Only down a few pounds from starting pregnancy weight!
Maternity Clothes: Yes!
Sleep: When we were on vacation I didn't sleep too well... but now that I am back in my own bed, I am sleeping just fine again (except for all those pesky bathroom breaks!)
Best Moment of the Week: Jim was able to feel the baby move this week-- He was one proud daddy!!
Movement: He is super active when I finally lay in bed each night. This is when I feel him the most.
Food Cravings: I can't say I have had a specific craving yet... at least not one that is on the "yes, you can eat" list. 
Symptoms: no new symptoms to report

Here are two pictures-- One from 22 weeks and another from 23 :o)

I feel my belly grew like crazy on vacation! I got to Florida in the middle of week 21 and we left at the start of 23 weeks--my family, Jim and I were all surprised on how much I "grew" while at the beach.   I am sure this had nothing to do with all the good eating I did!

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