Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 14

We are thankful for another week of pregnancy!  Here is my 14 week update!
How far along: 14 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Still down about 8 pounds
Maternity Clothes: While I can still fit into most my jeans (my khakis are a different story), I would much rather wear maternity pants.  Since the weather has been warmer I have been wearing my regular dresses and skirts too.  Mom and Kenny were in town this weekend, and mom and I shopped for few more essential maternity bottoms--- which I am looking forward to wearing.
Sleep: I wake up about twice to use the restroom during the night.  I find myself tossing and turning more throughout the night, although I can't really complain about the sleep I am getting.
Best Moment of the Week: Jim got a promotion at work! I am so proud of him!!!
Movement: Too early to feel.
Food Cravings:I don't have any cravings, although I have been able to eat more this week than the past 8 weeks or so.  
Symptoms: I have been feeling better this week.  I hope I am rounding a curve! A few nights I have felt a tad icky after eating, but for the most part I have been eating more and keeping it down (which is a milestone!) Other than that, I feel great.  I am not as tired as I have been when I get home from work, although by 9:30 I am calling it a night (which is rare for this night owl).


Renee Hill said...

Great picture. We are still so thrilled and excited about all the good news. Love you

Renee Hill said...

We are so excited. You look great. Love you