Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Last Song

While Jim was out of town with business this past weekend, I found myself captured in a wonderful book... The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks.

I read the whole book this weekend! I thought it was a great book! I must have perfect timing too, because the movie comes out tomorrow...(side note: do all movies release on Wednesdays? I thought this was an odd day to release...)

Anyway, now that the book is read, I am on a mission to see the movie. With Spring Break next week I am sure I can find time to squeeze it in!

(photo taken from google images)


The Malko's said...

I've read the book too and have been dying to see it!!! I feel a girl's night coming on!


The Fowlers said...

I LOVED it too! I got The Lucky One when I finished The Last Song and read it a few weeks ago. It was great too. Call me if you want to go one evening early next week! That's a movie Creed would never set foot in! :)

Dena and Scott said...

I just finished it last night and cried like a baby! I am obsessed with Nicholas Sparks and have read all of his books except for Three Weeks with My Brother which I plan on starting tonight :) I wonder if he is as romantic in real life as he seems in his books?!