Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it Snow!!

We had a snow storm push through Louisville last night into this morning. As always, I love a good snow day, but especially today since I had been feeling under the weather I was thankful for a day off. It was a great day to stay in and curl up under the blankets. While Jim and I LOVE sledding, we didn't get to go today. Jim was busy with work stuff and I was... well, you know, curled up under a blanket!

Jim did get out for a while to shovel the driveway...probably not his idea of playing in the snow!! :o) Champ also got out for a little while and he sure loved it. I snapped a quick video of him outside. I am convinced he would stay out there and eat the snow all day! ha! I wonder why he likes it so much?!?

**You might want to turn down the volume on you computer... Jim is shoveling in the background and it is SUPER loud... who knew shoveling could be so noisy?!?**

By the way, that yellow blob next to Champ is his tennis ball, which he absolutely LOVES...but as you can see he LOVES the snow much more!

Word on the streets (whatever that means, since streets can't talk) is that all the snow/slush will freeze into ice tonight and through tomorrow morning, so we will see if one snow day turns into two!

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