Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Back!!!! (but not in the Poltergeist kind of way...)

Okay, so it has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged... and yes, I am going to give the "we have been really busy" excuse... because, well...we have been really busy!

I am now finished with my Rank I, which in Kentucky is the highest level of pay you can receive (besides having a doctorate) for teaching. Basically it means you have completed 30 graduate level hours above your masters degree. So I am thrilled to have that behind me...although I am not quite finished with school, I still have 3 classes left until the degree I am working on is complete. I will be finished in May!!!

I am also coaching cheerleading at Whitefield Academy and that has also kept me super busy.

Jim is busy working and helping coach U of L cheerleading (which of course is near and dear to our hearts!!! Go CARDS!)

Over all, we are thrilled the Christmas season is here... not only so we can reflect and be so very thankful for our Savior's birth, but also to have a week or so of relaxation!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

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