Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Festival

Tonight was my school's Fall Festival! It was a lot of fun. I think the families really enjoyed it. Each classroom had to create a pumpkin for the pumpkin auction. I think mine turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself! ha!). The kiddos helped paint the pumpkin green. If you can't tell... it is Oscar The Grouch! There was a slight bidding war over Oscar, but there was finally a winner! I will leave the buyer anonymous, but her name may or may not rhyme with see-ban)

Thanks Mom! :o)


Lee Ann said...

Yes I shamelessly bought Jessica's class pumpkin. The money I paid went directly into her classroom. I thought it was a pretty good deal for everyone!

The Freeman Family said...

Love, love, love Oscar! It turned out so cute! I love the garbace can!