Thursday, November 27, 2008


Jim and I have been discussing the issue of people "skipping over" Thanksgiving and heading straight into Christmas. While I do have some Christmas decorations up, and plan to get the rest out tomorrow, I certainly am not forgetting about what I am thankful for. Jim and I are so blessed to have wonderful families, friends, a home, clothes, food, a wonderful church, and most importantly a relationship with Christ. We wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you!!!! Take a moment and thank the Lord for all he has blessed you with!

*****Now for a "lighter" note on Thanksgiving*****
Check out this email my mom sent me this week. Hilarious!!!! Maybe you can try it next Thanksgiving since I am sure the turkey is already in the oven at this point!

Sexy Turkey

Nice way to make your guests smile - (see picture below).....
1) Cut out aluminum foil in the shape of a swimsuit.....
2) "Dress" the turkey and roast like you would a normal turkey.....
3) Bake turkey as you would with your favorite recipe.
The aluminum swimsuit prevents tan lines.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Lee Ann said...

The picture didn't show up when I checked your blog.

The Freeman Family said...

Love, love the new background and pictures!


Anonymous said...

How cute is that turkey!! It looks like it was a Happy Thanksgiving :o) Have a great week!!